Add 6 Figures to Your Business in 90 Days or Less with YouTube Ads

Are You Ready For a Marketing Campaign That Could Add An Extra 6 Figures To Your Business in 90 Days or Less?

Script, shoot and launch 3 video ads in just 3 days in our 3 day workshop

We will script, shoot and launch 3 video ads in just 3 days in our LIVE YouTube Ads workshop

What People Who Have Worked With Us Say

"VPM is the only team who has managed to run our YouTube ads profitably. VERY profitably!"

"This workshop opened our eyes to the specific targeting of our perfect customer we didn't know about"

"We left the workshop with ads running! And a renewed confidence

running YouTube ads"

"I was SO grateful for this workshop! It helped me understand my audience and how to target them"

"After attending the workshop I had the knowledge on how to grow my business with YouTube ads"

"It was important to me to work with people with a PROVEN track record and these guys certainly have that. "

We Solve Your Biggest Marketing Problem


Engaging video ads that your customers actually want to watch without hitting 'skip here'..


Your ads and offer to audiences that are actually in the market right now to buy your product or services.


Those views into real leads or sales using data insights and optimisation that you can understand.

What You Get

Leapfrog that Learning Curve

Customized video ad strategy specific to your business so you can leapfrog that painful learning curve that can cost you dearly, in both time and money.

Get Clarity

Get clarity on your offer, audience, message, funnel, goals & KPIs which will enable you to understand who exactly you're talking to and why.

Write Video Scripts

Write video scripts following our framework so your video ads are structured correctly right out the gate before filming.

Get Tracking Set Up

Setup tracking & sync your accounts so you get full data clarity on what's working and what isn’t working and why.

3 Finished Video Ads

3 video ads written, recorded & edited so you can avoid the frustration of trying to making video ads by yourself.

Build Google Ads Campaigns

Properly build your campaigns in Google Ads so that you don’t spend unnecessary ad spend that many beginners waste by poor campaign structure.

90 Day Optimization Plan

90 day optimization plan so you can be confident that even after you leave us you’ll know what to do for the next 90 days.

How That Looks

Day 1: Video Marketing Strategy & Script Writing

  • Welcome & Intro to Team

  • Foundation of Effective Marketing

  • Build Your Marketing Strategy with the Marketing Matrix

  • Write Your Scripts with the Video Ad Framework

*Time of Workshop goes from 9am - 3pm MST

Day 2: Record Video Ads, Review Landing Page/Funnel & Set Up Tracking

  • Review Your Offer, Landing Pages & Thank You Pages

  • Workshop & Finalize Your Video Ad Script

  • Record Your Video Ad with our Creative Team

  • Setup Tracking on Your Funnel w/ our Tech Team

*Time of Workshop goes from 9am - 3pm MST

Day 3: Audience Targeting, Optimization Process & Launch Campaigns

  • Build Your Audience Targeting

  • Review the 90 Day Optimization & Scaling Process

  • Setup & Sync Your Google Ads & YouTube Accounts

  • Structure & Launch YouTube Ad Campaigns

*Time of Workshop goes from 9am - 3pm MST

Workshop Qualifications

We cap these workshops at 10 people. This way the people who come get the time, attention and resources needed to create their video ads and launch them within 3 days. Because the room actually has 10 seats, we need to make sure we’re able to get the right people in there.

  • Proven offer with 3 clients or testimonials

  • Website ready to get more leads/sales

  • Willing to spend $25 / day on paid advertising

  • Able to commit to 3 days

More Feedback From Our Amazing Clients

"The workshop was a breath of fresh air! I walked out with three professionally scripted ads"

"The feedback & help was where the magic was. I completely recommend this workshop"

"We have a high ticket product & this workshop helped us condense 3 months of work into 3 days!"

"I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was incredible having expert eyes on everything"

"This workshop works regardless of what level you are at in your business or marketing"

"I didn't realize just how much I needed to learn about my ideal client until I came here!"

It's As Easy As


Book Your Free Call

This isn't some sales pressure call so relax! I just want an informal chat to see if the workshop is right for you.


Purchase Your Exclusive Seat

We only have 10 seats (yes really) So if you don't grab one, someone else will. Your competitor..?


Attend The Workshop!

No brainer right? You've paid so why wouldn't you? When we say show up we also mean mentally ;-)

Why Listen To Us..?

  • We are a Google Ads Certified Partner and have been creating & running YouTube ads for 10 years and within that timeframe we have spent...

  • Over $90 Million Dollars on YouTube Ads. From that ad spend we have helped generate an average of...

  • A 300% return on ad spend for our clients. What that means is that for every $100 spent you'll get $300 back.

  • Our success has come from creating and refining these exact tools and using them every day in our business to help improve results.

A Google Partner means that we are recognised and certified by Google for maximising campaign success for our clients, driving client growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications.

These certifications are retaken by our team every year and performance is monitored by Google every year in order for us to uphold our Premier Partner status.

A Few of The Brands We've Worked With...

"Jake & the Video Power team really know their stuff!"

"As a former Googler and serious YouTube advertiser, not many people teach me something new about YouTube… Jake did. They've perfected the art AND science of video advertising, you’re in good hands.”

John Belcher

Formr Google Ads Employee & Founder of Sluice Marketing

"This guy Jake Larsen knows

what he’s doing."

"Dang, that’s a good ad. This guy knows what he’s doing.’ Jake Larsen is a YouTube ambassador. He also does his own training when it comes to this particular subject so you guys could not be in better hands.”

Ryan Diess

Best Selling Author & Founder

of Digital

"Jake is bad ass mamma jamma when it comes to YouTube ads!"

"I'm the sh*t when it comes to Facebook advertising but this guy Jake is bad ass when it comes to YouTube ads. We spent $25k on YouTube in the first month and they helped us turn it into $100k+!!"

Billy Gene

Paid Media Expert & Founder of

Billy Gene is Marketing

Your Questions Answered

What is the difference between the online and in-person workshops?

Nothing really! The Workshop itself is the same. The in-person Workshop is hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah. Where as the online Workshop is hosted via Zoom.

When are the dates...?

We run both in person and online YouTube Ad Workshops. The upcoming dates are as follows...

May 29 - 31, 2024 (In Person - Salt Lake City, Utah)

What do the video ads looks like..?

Here are some examples of the VSL videos we script and create together at the workshop...




Here are examples of the higher-end, Brand Builder videos we can create for you after the workshop...




Can I bring someone from my team..?

Yes, of course you can! We are more than happy for you to bring one member of your team with you to the Workshop. Please just let us know if you plan to bring someone so we can plan accordingly.

Is there a guarantee..?

Any time you invest time and money on a program, there’s a risk. Right? What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s not as good as he said? What if Jake is a blue eyed liar? So let’s look at the best and worst case scenarios:

Best Case Scenario → You walk away from your 3-day workshop more confident about running YouTube ads. You have your campaigns launched properly and within 30 days you’re well on your way to increasing your sales, maybe even 300% or more!

Worst case scenario → You attend the workshop, it doesn’t work for you at this time. Maybe you or your product or service are not quite ready for this yet. It’s cool, we’ll refund you your investment and you have still learned a ton about YouTube ads.

Yes. We have a money back guarantee. If you attend the first day of the workshop and aren’t satisfied with what we have taught you we will refund 100% of your investment.

How do I know if its right for my business..?

Don't worry, we'll chat about that on our free call. Oh, and by the way its NOT a sales call! We won't sell you into the YouTube Ads Workshop if we think you are not ready for it yet. We do have a few requirements though, including:

• 3 clients or testimonials.

• A website that is ready to get more leads/sales.

• Willingness to spend $25/day on paid advertising.

• Be able to commit to 3 days of focused effort to write, build, and launch your YouTube ads (don’t worry, we’ll help you the WHOLE way!)

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